Tuscany is a land of balance, of happy medium, where strong traditions, climate and culture come together to tell an age-old gastronomic story, sober and flavoursome, but deliberately simple. 
Our restaurant Il Grillo Moro was inspired by this precept, using recipes passed down by Nonna (Grandma) Melia, Nena and Zia (Aunty) Bruna, handwritten in small notebooks, the pages faded and sometimes stained with oil from the threshing days.
Today our passion for cooking has become our profession. 
Try our handmade pici, gnocchi and tagliatelle, or experience some show-cooking like the Battuta di Chianina di Filippo(Filippo's Chianina tartare), but above all the speciality of Il Grillo Moro is "il ciccio bono" local meat that has no equal!

The care that we take when selecting our meat (hung vertically for 33 days in alternate phases) and during the cooking process, have helped to make us one of the top destinations for travellers looking for a good Florentine t-bone steak.
The rite of cutting a good Florentine - known as filleting - carried out with passion and precision, the plate heated to 140 degrees, coarse salt from Volterra, Dievole oil and black pepper all combine to create a magical experience
Our friendly and welcoming smile awaits you in a genuine atmosphere that perfectly blends modern times and ancient values.

For reservations call the +39 0577 393533
See you soon,

Filippo and his staff

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