Cookie Policy

    The list below explains the cookies we use on our website and why we use them.


    Google Analytics


    Google analytics may be used without consent in case the following requirements are fulfilled: 
    1. A data processing agreement was executed with Google 
    2. The anonymise IP feature was activated (meaning, Google will not receive the full IP address of a user) 
    3. The possibility to share data with Google has been turned off 
    4. End- users are informed about the use of Google Analytics 
    The Google data processing agreement is available in the user account setting.

    Name: _pk_ref 
    Purpose: Determine which pages visitors come from to get to our website, so we can identify which websites generate the most traffic 
    Expiration: 6 months

    Name: _pk_id 
    Purpose: Avoid counting a person twice when we count how many people visit our website 
    Expiration: 2 years

    Name: _pk_ses 
    Purpose: Tracks a session, i.e., how long you’re on our website 
    Expiration: 30 minutes

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