Whether for pleasure, relaxation or discovery, every holiday deserves a small activity to undertake, a new experience to try or a new place to visit.

At Casa di Campagna we have everything for you from a relaxing massage to a cooking class and why not discover some typical ancient activities.

We have a vast list of experiences suitable for every type of traveler, it will be our pleasure to guide you, advise you and assist you in finding the solution that best suits your needs during your stay.

DaiShiDo Bio Natural Massage with 2 or 4 coats

DaiShiDo Massage is a gentle, non-invasive massage and acts to restore the overall balance of the person. It starts by relaxing the treated area up to a mental relaxation. The DaiShiDo Massage is intuitive, the slow and enveloping hands will help you find harmony in your whole being, so you can experience a feeling of lightness and well-being.

The duration of the massage is 50 minutes.

The art of medieval painting 

Immerse yourself in the life of a 14th century Sienese art studio! Under the guidance of a resident artist, you will learn about the techniques and tools used in medieval times to create your own painting, working with materials like gypsum, rabbit glue, clay from Armenia, pure gold, and egg tempera. 

• 3-hour workshop 

• Led by a local artist 

• Create your own painting

Illuminated Manuscript decoration

Discover the fascinating wolrd of medioeval miniature painying and illumination.
After a visit to the collection of manuscript preserved in the Piccolomini Library ( Duomo of Siena), you will learn calligraphy,paintingtechniques, color mixing, and the application of gold leaf in order to create your own illuminated design.

- 3 hours workshop
led by a local artist
Disigne your own manuscript

Tuscan Wine making & Tasting

Be introduced to the art of traditional innovative Tuscan wine making by expert sommelier.
Learn How to carry out a visual,olfactory,and gustatory analysis and taste a seletion of 4 distinctive Tuscan wines.Visit a local wine bar to see the methods of storage and presentation of wines in different settings.

  • 3- hours workshop

  • led by a local sommelier

  • Teste 4 Tuscan wines

Secrets of the Palio revealed 

Experience the magical atmosphere of Siena’s most famous event: the Palio horse race!

A local tour guide will lead you on a journey to discover its secrets while walking through the hidden alleys of the city and visiting a contrada (its church, museum, and stable which hosts the horse, “the king of the race”). At the end of the tour, you will have the chance to attend a “Palio trial race” from a window overlooking Piazza del Campo and situated directly above the mossa (starting point) while enjoying an aperitif with a Sienese contradaiolo. 

• 3-hour experience 

• Led by a licensed local tour guide 

• Palio trial race in Piazza del Campo 

Italian chef cooking class 

Delve into Italy’s food culture and get some hands-on experience cooking up traditional recipes.

A professional chef will share the history behind and secrets of cooking typical Italian dishes. You will learn how to use high quality products and natural ingredients to create and enjoy a special meal together. 

• 3-hour class 

• Led by a professional chef 

• Cook and taste your own Italian meal 

Cultural fitwalking at sunset 

Stay fit with an unexpected itinerary in the heart of Siena! A local tour guide will take you on a visit to the main hotspots of the city, climbing up and down its streets and alleys. After a stop in a wonderful location overlooking Piazza del Campo to enjoy an energy break, you will continue fitwalking to the Fortezza Medicea for an open air workout session at sunset. 

• 3-hour experience 

• Led by a licensed local tour guide 

• Take a rest with an energy break 

Ceramic jewellery making 

Explore creative hand-building ceramic techniques. With the help of a local artist, you will learn how to approach jewellery making, develop your very own style, and create original clay jewels starting from a blueprint. 

• 3-hour workshop 

• Led by a local artist 

• Craft your piece of jewellery